Laser Therapy

All Critters Animal Hospital is proud to offer Laser Therapy on our list of alternative treatments!

    We are now home of a class IV laser by LiteCure. A laser emits a single coloured, collimated light wavelength. This specific wavelength helps to speed natural healing through a process known as photo-bio-modulation. It's helped both chronic and acute conditions as well post surgical inflammation. It has been scientifically proven, is drug free and non invasive and the treatments are usually done within a matter of minutes.

   The laser has been put through years of research and has been proven to help in the following ways;

  • anti-inflammatory
  • To have an analgesic("pain-killing") effect
  • speed the healing of tissues
  • improve blood flow
  • improve nerve function
  • can be used to stimulate acupuncture points


If you have further questions please give our office a call at (604)597-6565 or check out this website to read the articles and watch some informative videos and testimonials.